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We offer food, wine, and speciality tastings...

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About us

We have two major attractions: delicious food tastings and wine tasting!

Open from 11am-5pm Saturdays & Sundays. Starting June 4th till end of October.

For food we offer many delicious tastings of Artisan Cheeses, Salami, BBQ Sauces, Salsa’s and local Pepper Jellies from the Hood River Valley. As well we specialize in Oils and Vinegar’s from the Netherlands. Perfect for a pick-Nick! — ( Coming Soon! – Hot Panini Food Cart & Wine tasting ).

Mt. Hood Socialize focuses on getting everybody involved in fun activities, exploring ones taste buds and having a blast enjoying life!

While you are out enjoying your activities, your pet can be in good hands and have the same amount of fun at: Cascade Pet Camp.

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Explore your taste buds...

Oil and Vinegars

Our Specialty Oil & Vinegar are imported from the Netherlands ...

Artisan Cheese

A wide selection of specialty cheeses, local and imported ...

Rustic Salami

From rustic Ticino salami to gourmet truffle salami, we have it all...

Famous Swiss Salad Dressing

Martin's Swiss Dressing is creamy with visible flecks of pepper.

Family fun / Events

How to use Oil & Vinegar

How to use Oil & Vinegar

Many times you just don’t know what to do with your delicious Oil or Vinegar. With this workshop we will create amazing dishes for you to enjoy afterwards at home. Learn the skills on how to use Oil & Vinegar’s the European way!

Call or email under contact us for Information: 541.400.0481

Swiss Santa Clause Day...

Santa Clause Day, near December 6th from 11am to 4pm. Last year it was a blast! The children loved it and outside we roasted marshmallows on a camp fire.

We hand out little Santa Sacks with nuts and chocolates inside. The event is free. You and can take a picture with your camera or we can take one for you.

Donations are always appreciated!

Call or email under contact us for Information: 541.400.0481

Swiss National Holiday

Call or email under contact us for Information: 541.400.0481

Things To Do...

There are many things to do in Hood River and The Valley:

Timberline Lodge  |  Ice Caves, WA  |  Cider Tasting  |  The Famous Fruit Loop | Beacon Rock Hike  |  Glass Blowing |  Lavender Farms  |  Petroglyphs  |  Beer Tasting |  Antiques  |  Stonehenge  |  Maryhill Winery (Concerts)  |  Disc Golf  |  Bungee Jumping  |  Mountain Biking |  and more…

Call us for advice and information on all your Mount Hood Activities.


“Things to do in Hood River”


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